Standard Input/Output Functions

Predefined Types and Values - FILE, EOF, NULL and size_t

Preopened File Streams - stdin, stdout, and stderr

Open File - fopen and freopen

Flush File Buffer - fflush

Close File - fclose

Check or Clear File Status - feof, ferror and clearerr

Read Character from File - getc, fgetc and getchar

Write Character to File - putc, fputc and putchar

Push Character Back into Buffer - ungetc

Read String from File - fgets and gets

Write String to File - fputs and puts

Read Binary Data from File - fread

Write Binary Data to File - fwrite

Read Formatted Input - scanf, fscanf, sscanf

Write Formatted Output - printf, fprintf, sprintf

File Position - fgetpos, fsetpos, rewind, fseek, and ftell

Alter File Buffer Size - setbuf and setvbuf

Temporary File Functions - tmpfile and tmpnam

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