Miscellaneous VisAD Events


Each WidgetEvent contains the visad.browser.Widget object to which it applies.

WidgetEvents are used internally by the VisADApplet to transmit widget changes from the browser applet to the connected VisAD server.


SSCellChangeEvents are sent by either a Spreadsheet Cell or its associated SSCellData or SSCellImpl objects to listeners who have implemented the ssCellChanged(SSCellChangeEvent) method and have registered themselves using the Cell's addSSCellListener(SSCellListener) method .

SSCellChangeEvents are used by Spreadsheet Cells to indicate that:
Each SSCellChangeEvent contains the originating Cell object along with an optional data variable name and the event type.


ColorChangeEvents are mainly intended to synchronize the various pieces of the VisAD ColorMapWidget (aka visad.util.LabeledRGBWidget or visad.util.LabeledRGBAWidget)


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