A journey from 10-15 cm to 1030 cm

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Dr. Lu Lu

Neutrino Hunter

Assistant Professor @WIPAC

University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States

Physical Sciences Group Representative @ US Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (US SCAR)

The origins and acceleration mechanisms of the highest energy particles in the Universe are among the most enduring mysteries of modern physics. Studies of cosmic rays led to the birth of elementary particle physics. Over 100 years later, we use the Earth's atmosphere, Antarctic ice, and ocean water as part of our detectors to solve this century-old puzzle. Does the Standard Model hold at these extreme high energies? Could these particles be decay or annihilation products of dark matter?

During PhD I was at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) and University of Wuppertal (Germany) to search for ultra-high energy photons using data from the Pierre Auger Observatory.

Previously I was a postdoc researcher at Chiba University (Japan) and worked for the IceCube Neutrino Telescope.

I have been a co-convener of the Diffuse/Atmospheric working group in IceCube since 2021 and serving on the realtime oversight committee. My group at WIPAC works on a wide range of topics including realtime multi-messenger, Galactic plane neutrino searches, Diffuse neutrino analysis and in particular searches for >10 PeV neutrinos. In our spare time we make new sensor designs for the future IceCube-Gen2 neutrino telescope.

Research Interests

Where are the highest energy particles from?


From X-ray, gamma-ray to UHE photons, they carry key information on the UHE sources. Difficulty: Universe is opaque and there are leptonic sources.



Neutrinos are weakly interactive and ideal for astronomy. My prime interests are PeV astrophysical neutrinos and EeV cosmogenic neutrinos.



A more than 100-year mystery but hard to solve because the charged particles bend in B fields. Mass composition unknown and highly diffused.


The most promising way to find the first UHE sources.

Selected conferences

Selected papers

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Physics 307: Intermediate Laboratory-Mechanics and Modern Physics

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Contact details

email: lu.luAticecube.wisc.edu