About Me


I am an NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University. I work on the detection and study of (ultra-) high energy neutrinos with the Askaryan Radio Array and IceCube experiments.

I completed my PhD in Physics under the direction of Prof. Amy Connolly at The Ohio State University in 2019 with the support of an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. My thesis focused on a search for a diffuse flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos with ARA.

Prior to arriving at OSU, I earned my undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis, where I graduated with honors in 2014, majoring in physics, and minoring in math and economics. At WUSTL, I worked with Prof. Henric Krawczynski’s group on the hard x-ray polarimeter X-Calibur.

I am originally from Bridgeton, MO, a small town in North St. Louis county. I attended Pattonville High School (Go Pirates!), and they have written a few kind articles about my AAPF, GRFP, and research in Antarctica.


It is the policy of the ARA and IceCube collaborations that authors be listed in alphabetical order. A double asterisk (**) denotes papers for which I am the corresponding/primary author.

7. **"Constraints on the Diffuse Flux of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos from Four Years of Askaryan Radio Array Data in Two Stations."
P. Allison et. al. for the ARA Collaboration. Physical Review D 102, 043021 (2020). arXiv:1912.00987.

6. "Long-baseline horizontal radio-frequency transmission through polar ice."
P. Allison et al. for the ARA Collaboration. Submitted to the Journal of Glaciology, 2019. arXiv:1908.10689.

5. "NuRadioMC: Simulating the radio emission of neutrinos from interaction to detector."
C. Glaser et al. European Journal of Physics C Vol 80 No 77 (2020). arXiv:1908.10689.

4. "Design and Performance of an Interferometric Trigger Array for Radio Detection of High-Energy Neutrinos."
P. Allison et al. for the ARA Collaboration. Nuclear Instruments and Methods A Vol 930 Pg 112-125 (2019). arXiv:1809.04573.

3. **"Observation of Reconstructable Radio Emission Coincident with an X-Class Solar Flare in the Askaryan Radio Array Prototype Station."
P. Allison et al. for the ARA Collaboration. Submitted to Astroparticle Physics. arXiv:1807.03335.

2. "Measurement of the real dielectric permittivity ϵr of glacial ice."
P. Allison et al. for the ARA Collaboration. Astroparticle Physics Vol 108 Pg 63-73 (2019). arXiv:1712.03301.

1. "Analyzing the Data from X-ray Polarimeters with Stokes Parameters."
F. Kislat, B. Clark, M. Bielicke, H. Krawczynski. Astroparticle Physics Vol 68 Pg 45-51 (2015). arXiv:1409.6214.

Talks & Posters


2020/06/22     NEUTRINO 2020 Contributed Poster, (Virtual) (Indico page)

2020/06/04     Making Space for All, (Virtual) (event page)

2020/01/04     AAS 235 Winter Meeting, Honolulu, HI (meeting page)


2019/10/23     Michigan State University Astronomy Seminar, East Lansing, MI

2019/10/09     Astronomy on Tap Lansing, Lansing, MI (event page)

2019/07/16     The Ohio State University CCAPP Seminar, Columbus, OH

2019/07/16     APS April Meeting, Denver, CO (abstract)


2018/09/29     OSAPS Fall Meeting, Toledo, OH (abstract)

2018/06/26     The Ohio State University PGSC Seminar, Columbus, OH

2018/05/22     The Ohio State University CCAPP Seminar, Columbus, OH

2018/05/22     Columbus Science Pub, Columbus, OH

2018/04/16     APS April Meeting, Columbus, OH (abstract)

2018/04/16     The Wellington School Graduate Research Competition, Columbus, OH


2017/10/27     TeV Particle Astrophysics, Columbus, OH (abstract)

2018/04/16     APS April Meeting, Washington DC


2016/10/04     College of Wooster Physics Colloquium, Wooster, OH

2016/08/26     Computing in High Energy Astrophysics Research (CHEAPR), Columbus, OH (workshop)

2016/06/28     The Ohio State University PGSC Seminar, Columbus, OH

2016/04/18     OSAPS Fall Meeting, Dayton, OH (abstract)

2014 and 2015

2015/08/10     The Ohio State University First Year Poster Presentations, Columbus, OH

2014/03/03     Washington University Senior Honor Thesis Presentation, St. Louis, MO

Contact Information

567 Wilson Road, Office 3243
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
(517) 884-5712